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Pumpkins and Ponies

This morning we all went to soccer games, split up again. Then after soccer I took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch at the Weston’s. They helped me pick out pumpkins for our Relief Society Meeting on Tuesday, and each got to pick their own.

Pumpkin Patch (9 of 16)Pumpkin Patch EDIT 2Pumpkin Patch (15 of 16)Pumpkin Patch EDIT

Then the kids enjoyed riding Birdie. They have loved getting to ride more lately. CJ loves to trot, and Taylor is really trying to learn about controlling the horse. Sometimes she gets frustrated, but her Dad calmly helps her rationalize and think it through. He is such a great teacher!



sharon said...

Taylor was very courageous riding Birdie and Hannah didn't seem to mind being up so high. How did the pumkin dinner turn out at Relief Society? Thanks for the pictures it just makes our day smile. Love Granny