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Fall Hike

Taylor got an assignment for school to make an animal out of leaves, so Taylor asked is we could go on a hike. Sunday afternoon we hiked up the trail at the top of the divide. The kids were having fun picking lots of different leaves. Casey told CJ to climb on a big rock on the side of the trail. He wasn’t sure about it, since he wasn’t on the path anymore. It was at that moment that we realized that we had never really taken our kids on an actual hike. This was their first time! AHHH! What kind of parents are we?

We kept hiking, and CJ started to get tired. The girls wanted to keep going , but we decided to head down. I told them that going down was the best part anyway… they asked me why? SO I had to demonstrate how to run down the trail. They loved it, and there was only one big spill. It was a great time together. I sure love this family.

(Hannah stayed home for a nap with Grandma Coleen… thanks Mom!)

Fall Hike

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Braden and Annie said...

CJ cracks me up with all of his poses! You have some adorable kids, and you are amazing parents, you do so many fun things with your kids! Love the picture of father and son with their hands in their pockets!

sharon said...

What great fall pictures and a cute family. Loved the picture of Casey and Cj walking together. Fun activity together, you'll have to make it a tradition. How did the leaf animal turn out? Love you, Granny