The Hall’s Haven



Our trip was completely amazing. There are not words to describe it all. It is true that it has changed us. Most of our time was spent doing the daily things that Bruce and Sharon are able to do. We got up at the same time each morning, ate breakfast, and were on the road by 7:30am. We drove to the Kilunga Hills, where the branches are that Bruce and Sharon are serving. We were able to sit in on family class, priesthood class, keyboard class, and also do family visits at some of the branches. I think our favorite days were Sundays. The people are so quiet and soft spoken, yet when they sing, the whole hills are really filled with music. They have big singing voices and know the hymns. They also know their scriptures so well! I have to admit that I was embarrassed sometimes at how much they knew… more than me.

We also enjoyed a few days on our Safari. Going in to it, we both thought we would enjoy it, but we really loved it. We were very up close and personal with the animals. At one time I could have reached out to pet a cheetah after we saw it stalk and kill a gazelle. We also had a hyena jump on our back spare tire of the jeep, and came very close to almost every animal you can think of. We stayed in an awesome tent, and had some really good food!
While on the safari we visited a Masai village. It is interesting to hear about their culture and how different their lives truly are from ours. They included us in their welcome songs, which Casey did NOT enjoy. Casey also joined in the jumping! The Masai young men have a jumping contest… whoever can jump the highest, the longest will win a wife.
The traffic was terrible, and the plane rides were worse. But all of it was worth the experience.
The best part was being with Bruce and Sharon. It was so nice to be with them, and visit each day. We will always be grateful for the example, and love, and that we were able to share a small part of their mission.


Fox said...

O I have been waiting for this! I love it. Thanks for sharing it all looks amazing.

sharon said...

Great coverage of a wonderful experience. Thank you for the sweet spirit you brought. Love you Mom