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Today was the last day of the fall soccer season. It has been so fun to see both of the kids learn and grow. They are adorable in their uniforms.

CJ’s favorite part is giving his coach a high five after someone scores a goal. Generally it is not CJ who scores, but by the way he runs to give the coach five, you would think he was the superstar of the team. He has improved so much through the season, and he really has enjoyed it.

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Kaitlyn has mixed feelings I think. She likes to be part of the team, and be with the other girls. She does NOT enjoy running. She has gotten much better at hustling after the ball. Honestly she is a great defender. She does really well at getting the ball out of the area of the goal. Kaitlyn’s team has signed up to do indoor soccer through the winter. She is really excited and that will start this week.

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