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Christmas Morning

The kids actually slept in until 6:20 this morning. CJ was the first one up so we went in and woke up Taylor and Kaitlyn.  They went out to the living room, and there were no toys! Taylor got a panicked look on her face, so I told her to go look in the play room. Then the happiness started! They were all so excited. CJ couldn’t believe it! “All these things are for me? Look at all my trucks!!” Taylor was excited about an MP3 player, and Kaitlyn got out her art kit right away. After a little bit I heard Hannah, so got her out of bed and brought her in. She was completely confused, but then after she adjusted she crawled right over and got into her new carseat. It was such a nice morning. We had breakfast casserole (as per tradition), talked with Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Bruce, and then went to church for Sacrament Meeting. The choir did wonderfully which made my Christmas even better!

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Fox said...

I got on to talk to my dad today and he said, "did you look at Alyson's blog? She updated"! He must love it as much as I do when you update. I do wish you had a picture of Casey curled up, I didn't even think of it but someone should have taken a picture. Anyway great update. It was fun to see your kids Christmas and what you guys have been doing lately. Love you all.