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Christmas Eve


So today was Christmas Eve. We woke up and had breakfast at Grandma Sharon’s house with all of the cousins and aunts. It was fun to just hang out. Then all the kids came to my house while they cleaned up over there. They all went to seperate rooms... Taylor & Gracie on the computers, Kaitlyn & Gretchen & Rio in my room watching a movie and playing Barbie’s, CJ & Jake & Krey in the toy room. It was wonderful. So fun to have a house full of happy cousins. I love that they are all so close, & that they love playing together. We finished up the cookies for Santa. They are always full of frosting & sprinkles!

Casey still has not been feeling well today.

Tonight Mom & Dad came over at 5:00 for a new type of Christmas Eve. It really has been so strange doing things different. After doing the same things for 9 years, it is a lot harder to change that I thought.

We had:
Prime Rib
Baked Potatoes

It was DELICIOUS! I under cooked the Prime Rib a little for Dad, and it was pretty rare in the middle, but he was happy. Casey ate some, but was sad he couldn’t really enjoy it.
Mom brought some games for the kids to play... snowman tag with a snowman graphic that we had to try to put on someone without them knowing, & put it on someone else when they got it. The kids LOVED it, but they weren’t very sneaky. They played pin the nose on Rudolph, which Kaitlyn was the best at. They also played Name that Tune... mom gave them the first line of a Christmas song & they had to sing the next lyrics.
We also did a puppet show for the nativity story. Casey read it out of the Bible, while the kids used the puppets to act it out.

The best part was this conversation:

Taylor: I get to be Mary
Kaitlyn: But I wanted to be Mary
Taylor: No I am.
CJ: I just want to be the dumb guy.
(As opposed to a Wise Man.) hahaha

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