The Hall’s Haven


Week 1

Okay, so I am embarking on a new project. It is called Project Life. I will be documenting our entire year, week by week. I have wanted to do this for a while now, and decided that since Bruce and Sharon will be gone this whole year still, that this was the year to do it. I want them to be part of our everyday lives, and know what is happening with us. I have LOVED putting this week together so far. Originally I thought I would put together a paper scrapbook, but my heart belongs to the digital scrapbooking world, so I will be doing all of my pages digital to share on the blog and at the end of the year I will get a nice book printed. I am excited to start this new adventure! So here it is…. our first week of 2012!

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Fox said...

O I'm really going to like this. Is there a way it can be bigger so I can read the words?

Jason and Susie said...

Good luck! That sounds so fun!!! I admire your creativity!!

Mother Bird said...

I love creativity! Can't wait!!!

Mother Bird said...

Oh and I forgot. That picture of you Alyson is so pretty. You are just a beautiful person inside and out!