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Tim McGraw

Another year that I was lucky enough to share an awesome experience with JoAnn. This is our 3rd year going to the Tim McGraw concert together. This year we also got to go with Makenna & Karen. We had tickets in the pit. The stage area was all blocked off, and the pit is where we stood the whole concert right by the stage… no seats. It was fun, but there were tons of rowdy & rude people. This was the first year I didn’t touch Tim… I probably could have pushed my way to the front, but didn’t. I did get some amazing photos, though. The Band Perry & Luke Bryan opened for him and they were awesome! Donny Osmond even made an appearance!! Thanks again JoAnn! You are the BEST!!

Tim McGraw


JoAnn Hall said...

Yea for the company at Tim McGraw, I always have such a good time, thanks for coming!