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Andrew Family Reunion at Bear Lake

August 7th-10th we headed up to Bear Lake for my Mom’s Family Reunion. It was close for us, but we had family there from Washington, Idaho, and Virginia. We stayed in a beautiful big home up on the hill. There was a “kids house” and an “adult house.” I guess we are still considered kids, so all of us and our kids stayed in a house. There were 9 little girl cousins that stayed in a room together that had 2 sets of queen size bunk beds. They LOVED having their own space, and staying up late together. We had so much fun! We spent a day at the beach at the Lake, and it was great. Usually the water is FREEZING, but this time I wasn’t even cold. Casey and I had a couple of swimming races, too. We had one Sea Doo, so we all got to take turns on that as well. The kids were content playing in the sand and the shallow water. We also went to Minnetonka cave, which was a fun experience with the kids, swam in the pool by the houses we were staying in, swam in the hot tub on the back patio of the house, had raspberry shakes, did some relay races, and had a wonderful time visiting. It was so fun for Grandma Ruby to meet our little Hannah, too. Here are some of the photos from our trip… It was so much fun being together as a family, and especially spending some time with my Grandma.

Bear Lake 1

Bear Lake 3

Bear Lake

Bear Lake 2

Bear Lake 4


sharon said...

Such a great post and I loved how big the pictures were. Thanks for taking the time to post and share it is so fun to see your experiences. Love Grandma Africa

Wendi said...

I love the pic from your family shoot where Casey is turning your head to him-cracks me up!