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Grandma Donna Josephson Richins


We found on Friday night that Grandma Richins passed away. I will be the first to admit that I am not the most caring person. I get so self absorbed in my busy life that I definitely don’t visit Grandparents as much as I should. I was so glad that Casey & I went to visit her and Grandpa this past week. I was also glad that I had taken my kids to her Birthday party this summer as well. She got to meet our little Hannah, and the kids have a fun memory of her. It was a good day.

Grandma Richins Birthday (11)

Grandma Richins Birthday (32)

I will miss going to her home in Centerville with the kids. They adored admiring her many porcelain dolls. The girls loved to get into her candy jar, she ALWAYS had some candy. They also always needed to have a drink, because her water in the fridge was so cool. I will miss the annual trip to her house at Halloween, so she could see all of the kids in their costumes. I will miss her spunk. On our last visit with Grandma, she asked me to brush her hair. As I brushed her hair we talked and she wanted to make sure she looked beautiful. I loved that about her. No matter what, she always wanted to look her best. I have known Grandma such a short time compared to the rest of the family, but will treasure the memories I have of her.

The funeral was so lovely. Sharon wrote a talk that Angela read, and I was able to participate on the program by singing, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” I am so grateful for the knowledge the gospel brings.  Casey dedicated the grave, and did a nice job. In memory of Grandma, some of us wore polka dots, which she loved. We love you Grandma & know that we will be with you again. ♥

Grandma Richins Funeral (2)Grandma Richins Funeral (6)

Grandma Richins Funeral (7)

Grandma Richins Funeral (13)

Grandma Richins Funeral (36)