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Clinton Park

Apparently this is the week of parks. Today we met at Grandma Coleen’s house and went to the Clinton Heritage park for a bike ride and some fun. There is a paved path that is mostly shaded which made for a nice ride/ walk. The girls loved zooming down it, Grandma pushed Hannah while she power walked to keep up with the girls, Josh pulled the boys in the wagon, and Grandpa and I swaggered behind. (I wasn’t feeling great… my kidneys have decided to hurt.)

The path was so familiar. When I was a kid we would walk along it, but then it was the old railroad tracks that weren’t in use anymore. We would walk along the dirt path, climb around, and head to Steed’s Pond to catch tadpoles.

After the ride/ walk, we stayed at the park for the kids to play while we made a plan for the Andrew Reunion that is coming up in August. We got lots of planning done, and the kids were happy to play on the playground and the rocks at the park.

(Sorry for the unedited photos, I just wanted to get them posted! ` )

Clinton Park (1)

Clinton Park (14)

Clinton Park (16)

Clinton Park (23)Clinton Park (39)

Clinton Park (22)

Clinton Park (61)Clinton Park (56)


Clinton Park (62)Clinton Park (63)


Wendi said...

Nothing wrong with undedited photos:) I think they're great:)