The Hall’s Haven


She is 4 weeks old
She loves the sound of familiar voices
She goes from happy to screaming in a matter of seconds
She likes the vacuum
She is a cuddler, which I love
She is now sleeping in her crib
She is a good eater
She generates a lot of laundry
She is getting that little baby acne
She is still wearing her newborn baby clothes
She rarely wears a bow on her head, since we don't go many places
She has that new baby smell ^
She is fussy, maybe even colicky
She is so darling
She is loved


Blake and Jessica said...

She is adorable.
She has very kissable cheeks.
She has an amazing mother. =)

Loni said...

Such a cutie!

Jason and Susie said...

Awww! ((squish)) Newborns who love to cuddle are the best!!!

Karalee said...

She is soo cute! I cant believe she is 4 wks old already!! I still havent held her! Can I call dibs to hold her all friday night? :) Your mom may have to fight me to get her! She is darling. How are you feeling? The girls are excited to see your kids.