The Hall’s Haven


I don't know if it is just a recent discovery or just since I have a newborn at home now, but this little man is SO LOUD!! Everytime I turn around I find myself telling him to "SHHHHHH!" I thought when we built our house it would be so great to have all of the bedrooms on one side of the house, and the play room clear on the other. Good in theory, however when your 3 year old is running through the WHOLE house yelling, it kind of defeats the purpose. It isn't even that he yells all the time, mostly he just talks about everything LOUD. (And he is a talker, really never stops.) Good thing he is so dang cute!


Braden and Annie said...

Maybe it's the age, LOUD comes to mind when I think of Lucy too. But he definitely is CUTE!!

The Ballard's said...

Just a realization. You know how we talk about him being similar to Jake? Well, Jake still talks all morning long. He does not have a whisper. You & Hannah will just have to get used to it:)

Jason and Susie said...

I probably YELL Shhhhh all day!