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The Gymnast

It finally happened! Taylor is an excellent tumbler, and has enjoyed being in tumbling for almost 2 years now. She is progressing, and doing her best. Today was the day! For awhile now, Casey and I have known that Taylor could do her back-handspring by herself on the floor, both of her gym teachers know it too. Apparently the only one who doesn't is Taylor. She has been able to do a back-handspring on the trampoline for a while now. Casey challenged her to do her back-handspring TODAY. They are into making deals, so he said he would buy her a prize for doing it. Well, that is all it takes I guess… a little bribery. Taylor can do it! She did back-handsprings on her own today! We are so proud of her! (By the way, she got a new Baby Alive doll for her prize.)

 (Sorry the video is sideways... I don't know how to fix that.)


Fox said...

GO TAYLOR! That is awesome I couldn't do that until I was in fifth grade. Your Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow that freaked me out! Yay for her not landing on her head :)