The Hall’s Haven


Today was my appointment with Dr, Kammeyer. He said that everything looks about the same, so that is good. He wants me to continue staying down and taking the medication to stop my contractions. He said he will be so happy for me to make it to 36 weeks, but making it to 38 would be even better. (As of today I am 33 weeks.) So I will just continue to do nothing... it is so hard some days though. Especially with sick kids.

Our second doctor visit today was for CJ. He has had a cold, but the past couple of days has gotten much worse, so tonight, Sharon and I took him into the InstaCare. Sure enough... he has pneumonia!! Poor little guy. He has been coughing and high fever and not breathing well. We now have antibiotics, so hopefully he will feel much better soon. We are supposed to bring him in tomorrow for a follow up to make sure his oxygen levels are up, if not, he may need to be admitted to the hospital. I guess I could always just lay in the hospital bed next to him.

So the plan is for my mom to come help this week, since I can't send sick kids to anyone's house. I am so grateful for her, and all she does for us. ♥