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Another Cowgirl

I finally did it! I took Hannah to get her cowgirl photo for my wall. (This is a photo of the photo!) I got the other kids photos right around 1 year, give or take a month or two. Hannah is 17 MONTHS OLD in hers! How ridiculous! She was way too big for the outfit, but luckily I was browsing online, and found the EXACT same outfit that the other 2 girls wore, so I got a bigger size. Everytime I wanted to go get her photo done, she was sick... seriously! So, at least it is done. I still need to go get a frame so my wall will be complete!


Fox said...

I don't think the wall is complete maybe just up to date:)

sharon said...

Wow that was an interesting comment Lindsey! Maybe there is more to come. Oh and Lindsey remember Carma/Karma???