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A Trip to the Zoo

Today was such a fun day. Addy invited us to go to The Hogle Zoo with her and some of her friends from Lehi for Krey's Birthday. I brought Gretchen, and my 4 kiddos and I also invited Grandma Coleen to join us, so... we all went, and had a lot of chaos with a combined 15 kids to keep track of.

The kids favorite animals were of course the ones from Africa. Anything to do with Africa is always the coolest! Anything that reminds us of Grandma and Grandpa is special.


sharon said...

My favorites are those where the kids are putting their arms around each other. I'm so glad you do things together. Grannie Sharon

Fox said...

I like a lot of things about this post. I like that you are in all the elephant pictures but you’re not actually seen. I like that Addy appropriately wore her wild animal tee shirt. I like that Rio's bows are orange because that is the only color of ribbon grandma Sharon has left. I also wish I was there but all the red faces make me feel not quite so bad for missing out. all the kids looked adorable I'm glad your guy's kids are such good friends!