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2 wheeler

It is official… this boy can ride a 2 wheeler. This is probably not a great reason to learn to ride one, but I ran over CJ’s bike a couple months ago. (He left it RIGHT behind the van!) So the other day he came home with this little bike. I asked where he got it, and he told me it was Noah’s, but he doesn’t even live here. (We did have a discussion about not taking things that don’t belong to us.) He asked me to help him a couple of times, and within an hour, the boy was wheelin’ like a pro. His favorite part is the skid marks.

We went down to Addy’s, and the kids all rode bikes for a couple hours. Krey and Rio took off their training wheels too, so they were all riding 2 wheelers. Talk about some pride going on on that asphalt. It was so fun to watch them help each other, and be tough when they crashed.

AND, sweet Jake, the other night gave us his little bike, so we could fix CJ’s. It is a little bigger than the other one, so CJ can’t get on an off as easily, but I know he will catch on soon.

He loves being big, and riding like the other kids. Oh- and his favorite part about it is making skid marks all over everything!


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The White's said...

Oooo, he is even on a big bike!

sharon said...

Way to go CJ. It's fun to see you learning new things but I need you to be little when I get home OK :)
Granny Sharon