The Hall’s Haven


ONE year old!

I can’t even believe that my baby is ONE!! She is such a joy, and is definitely getting more spunky! She likes to yell at us to tell us anything. Her smile is contagious, and she is so happy. I love her little teeth, and the faces she makes. Here are some photos I tried to take of her today. Next week I will tackle the cowgirl photo to put on the wall with the other kids.


Totally, typical Hannah… she ALWAYS rips the bows and bands out of her hair! That is why most of her photos she does not have a cute girly bow. Smile


This one is her glare she has started giving to people…


Westergard Family said...

Love it! she is adorable and i can't believe she is one!! my my how time has flown!

Emilee Keyes said...

So cute! You are very talented.