The Hall’s Haven


Green Dinner

Every year I have looked forward to having a green dinner at St. Patrick’s Day. It is a tradition that Sharon has always done. Last year, the green dinner was skipped over, and I was pretty upset. So, this year Casey & I hosted the dinner. We had a wonderful menu of:

Corned Beef



Green Bread

Green Jello

Green Salad

Lime Rickey Floats

Key Lime Pie

Lindsey took some great photos… (I realized that being the hostess and the photographer doesn’t really work out too well.) I was able to snap a couple of photos that I love of the two little ones.


Hannah was eating everything, and this photo was after Angela had fed her the second dessert of the night. She was chubby and full and happy!


I could not resist this adorable little man! She is so cute, and I love this hat!

The Green Dinner was a wonderful night, and it was so fun to have everyone together. I love being together and that family is so close! ^