The Hall’s Haven


Around Here

Around Here We are enjoying the long summer days and spending time outside after it cools down a little. The kids like to ride bikes, or even work in the garden.

Around Here We are spending a lot of time with family. I absolutely love that the kids best friends are their cousins. I love that they are close and building great relationships with each other.

Cj and cousins (3) EDITED

Around Here Little Miss Hannah is growing way too fast. Here she is one of her first times sitting in the Bumbo chair. She obviously likes it.

Hannah Bumbo (6) EDITED

Around Here We are all really wanting some grass. Although the kids do really enjoy all of the dirt surrounding our house, this mama doesn't enjoy it quite as much.

Around Here CJ is constantly asking to ride the little motorcycle. Our neighbor has a small motorcycle that CJ wants to ride every night as soon as Casey gets home. Casey should have never given the man his first ride. He is all about the power!

Around Here Taylor has a hideout under her bed. A secret place she goes with little picture frames set up in the wood framing of her underbelly of the bed. She also has blankets, pillows, a flashlight, and even a my laptop computer.

Around Here The kids are in their swimming suits a lot. It is the essence of summer as they go swimming and running through the sprinklers.

Swimming at Jerry's (17) EDITED

Around Here Kaitlyn always thinks she needs to be plugged in. Whether it is the TV, Computer, MP3 player, or cell phone she thinks that she has to be doing something with electronics all day long.

Around Here We are soaking up the days of summer with lazy mornings with waffle and pancake breakfasts. We are trying to have some fun outings, and some quiet days.

Around Here I am trying to be organized and get some cleaning done, but you know how the saying goes about cleaning your house when you have children at home…

Around Here Casey is finally finished with his project at Davis Behavioral Health and moving on to a new project. It is a gynocology lab… not at the top of his list of things to build!

Around Here Africa is on everyone's mind.

Around Here Life is good. We love each other. We are so blessed.