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Angel Moroni

Today we took a small adventure up to Brigham City to watch the Angel Moroni be put up on top of the new Temple. As we got off the freeway, there it was… you could see the temple in the distance, like a beacon. The temple is so pretty, I love the design and that it is white. We pulled into a parking place around 10:00 am and walked over to sit on the grass in front of the Historic Brigham City Tabernacle. We were greeted by cousins and joined shortly by Grandma Coleen and Grandpa Rick. What a historic day. Personally I have never seen a temple being built, and was excited for this to be a special day in my children's lives, as well as my own. Well, like any good thing, there were a few distractions throughout the day… First, there was an irrigation ditch running right in front of the tabernacle, which all of the kids there thought was their own personal swimming pool. I did not want my kids to be soaked all day long, so was one of the mean mom's who tried to keep them out of the water. This became a constant battle the remainder of the time we were there. The ceremony was supposed to start at 12:00, however the weather was not cooperating. It began to rain, and then to pour. It was a good thing Grandma Coleen always comes prepared. She had 4 golf umbrellas, which kept us (mostly) dry. After the rain let up, we were excited to watch them place the golden statue on the spire. Still a no go though. The winds were too strong. Josh was working with street blocks and crowd control, and he kept reporting to us the inside scoop. They had to place the Angel today, since the cranes were there and all set up, but with the weather they thought they would have to do it later in the evening. So, after a trip to the bathroom where the line was at least 50 people long, I loaded up my kids and decided we were heading home, much to their dismay. I stopped for gas and got a call from my Mom saying that they were going to do it. So we turned around and drove back to the temple. We parked right up front (in a no parking zone) and proceeded to unload again. As I stepped out of the car the hymn, "High on a Mountain Top" was playing from the speakers as I saw them lift the golden Angel Moroni into the air. The Spirit touched me. What an amazing thing to be a part of. I can't imagine how the pioneers felt after the hard work they put into each temple. The Lord is amazing and blesses us in so many ways. We watched as they attached the statue, then finally they turned it around to face the east. There is was… a symbol of declaring the joy of the gospel and the goodness of God. I know that I took my kids for a deep meaningful experience, and I think they enjoyed it and thought it was neat, but my heart was touched and I love the feeling of the Spirit testifying to me of the truth of the gospel and the temple. At 3:30 we left, and although the day was long, and a struggle, it is a day I will never forget being part of.

Angel Moroni

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Coleen said...

Fun day with the family. The ditch, the rain, and the delay was all part of the experience Ü