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6 days…

The first real Sunday. Bruce and Sharon are not there. I think it hit me really hard today. Just like CJ, Sunday was a day I would look forward to, knowing they were there. This morning CJ kept talking about wearing a tie just like his Grandpa, because he wanted to be a missionary like him. He couldn't wait to show Grandpa at church that they were the same. We talked about Grandpa not being there, since he is on his mission in Africa. Even as we pulled into the parking lot of the church, CJ assured me that Grandpa would be there. He wasn't. Casey was able to come to our Ward for Sacrament Meeting today, which was wonderful. Sister Donna Spears sat at the other end of our bench, and Kaitlyn just cuddled right up with her. CJ went to tell her hi, and quickly came back to report that Brother Spears had stayed home. We were also missing our Riley today. Not sure why he didn't come this week. I hope that when school starts, things will slow down for him and he will be able to come back to church regularly with us, or with someone else.

Church went fine, then when I came home, it really hit me. We weren't going to Sharon's for a yummy Sunday dinner. We didn't get to see the family and the kids didn't get to play with their cousins. My heart hurts a little bit, and I know we are going to have to get together.

Well here I am a few hours later, and we couldn’t do it. We met the Keyes' and the Ballard's at Bruce and Sharon’s and had a hot dog roast. We all just brought bits and pieces of stuff we had at home and threw a dinner together. There is no way we are going to be able to go without Sunday dinners. I am so glad that we are such a close family. They really are my closest friends and I love them all so much!

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Tonight we finally got to talk to Bruce and Sharon through Gmail Chat. It was so good to see them, but so emotional as well. Casey and Bruce were both having a real hard time with their emotions. The kids all got to say hi. CJ asked when they were coming back to their house. I still can't believe it has only been a week. Casey wouldn't sit down to chat because he was too emotional. Bruce popped his head in the screen to tell the kids hi and he was full of I love you's.


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I wish I would have been there too.