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Kaitlyn is 5!

Kaitlyn BD
Today was our sweet Kaitlyn's 5th Birthday! She requested a party with other people invited after attending another friend's party, so tonight was the big "Tangled" Bash. There were 10 girls invited to the party (including my girls). To kick things off they each made their own crowns with jewels. Some were very creative, and they each had a photo. Next was cake and ice cream. I was SO PROUD of my cake. I am going to be honest, I am have some bad luck when it comes to baking… especially if it is baking for a special occasion. I don't know why I am cursed to ruin the cake just about everytime I have a deadline, or something special that it is for. This cake, however, was a huge success. We also played pass the crown, like hot potato, and the princess it landed on got to do a princess dance. Most were not interested in dancing for the rest of us, but a couple brave souls showed us their best princess moves. Next came presents. Kaitlyn is so animated! I love how much she is impressed with every little thing. She got an overload of Tangled gifts, which she was giddy about, as well as an amazing book, some Squinkies, a Barbie, a Wii game, and a Lalaloopsy doll. We had the girls go outside and let balloons go into the sky, like the lanterns from the movie. Repeatedly throughout the party she said to me, "Mom this is the best (birthday) day ever!" The party was a success!
Kaitlyn BD group-2