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I am here in room 5204 on the Pediatric floor at McKay Dee Hospital. Our sweet, new baby has a urinary tract infection and was admitted on Wednesday night. She was vomiting and acting just a bit "off" on Wednesday. She was originally scheduled to have a VCUG test done on her kidneys on Thursday morning, but I decided to bring her to the clinic on Wednesday night.  They took a urine test and the in office test showed bacteria. With her age & symptoms she was sent right over to the Pediatric unit. They did some blood test which came back normal, thank goodness, so we were able to avoid the need for a spinal tap. She has been doing alright, but I can tell she is in pain. She has been given antibiotics through an IV. We are waiting for the full results of the urine test which will tell us what type of bacteria she has, and what drug will be the best to treat it.We may be able to go home late tonight or may have to be here until tomorrow. The VCUG test has been rescheduled. This test is to determine why there is fluid on her left kidney. More than likely she has kidney reflux which is why she got a UTI. I am exhausted and so sad for me sweet little girl. Thanks to everyone who has come to our rescue to help with our family... AGAIN! Love you all!


Braden and Annie said...

So sorry she is sick, hopefully they can help her to get feeling better soon! I am So jealous of your tangled cake! Yours turned out So cute, and just like the picture!!

JT and Violet's Mom said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear she needs a VCUG. Violet just had one a few months ago and it is not fun! It is relatively quick, the hardest part was keeping her still and listening to her cry. :( Good luck and I hope she doesn't have reflux!!