The Hall’s Haven


5 things…

First I have to say that we are home safe and sound. Hannah was discharged from the hospital on Friday evening. She was sent home on antibiotics and will have the VCUG for her kidneys on May 17th. She seems to be feeling a little better, my poor baby!
I did have a nice Mother’s Day today, and wanted to share some of the reasons I love being a mom.
1.  I love the sweet I love you’s, and the look on their face when they know they have done something sweet.
2. The clothes… kids clothes are just adorable.
3. How much they teach me about real life everyday.
4. Their forgiveness and patience with me.
5. The amazing feeling I have each time I hold one of my wonderful kids… they really are the best.
{Taken the day we brought Hannah home… I love these little munchkins!}


Austin & Shawnee said...

Such a cute family!