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Pa is 60 years old today! He is amazing! There is probably no tribute as good as the one Vicki posted, but here are some of my memories.

It was always special to have Dad home when I was little, since he traveled ALOT! He made audio tapes of him reading bedtime stories that Josh & I could listen to at night before bed. He has always treated me like his baby girl and let me know I am special and beautiful. He always attended my events, mostly singing of course.

He encouraged me to be my best in everything. My dad and mom have always given me every opportunity I have asked for.

He is such a big teddy bear and so loving! All of my friends know him as Pa and love him like their own dad.

In high school he attended my Choir trip to Nashville. All the guys loved him because he is just a kid!

I remember taking family vacations and listening to stories of when he was in high school and listening to oldies on the radio.

I loved to go places with just me and him.

He taught me to shoot a gun, and I was the TOP student in my hunters safety course.

He LOVES the outdoors! He loves to hunt and hike and ride 4 wheelers or his horse.

He was an amazing provider and we always had everything we wanted. (YEP I admit it... spoiled us ROTTEN!!)

I also remember going to work with him at NAE sometimes to help him get things done. I have even helped him survey, and hiked all over the mountains with him for 10 days on a job.

As an adult, he is such a good friend. I love talking with him about life and kids. He has great advice and is always concerned with us and our families.

He OF COURSE is an amazing Grandpa! The kids love him so much! He is their pony, jungle gym, pillow, airplane, or whatever else they want to play that day. He even does crafts and has tea parties!! When he is out of town he is always excited to get home and see his grandkids.

I love my dad more than any of these words can say.



The Ormsby's said...

Happy Birthday Pa!! And you're right, that trip to Nashville was AWESOME with your parents!! Tell him "hi" for me. You're lucky to have such a great dad!!

Vicki Lynne said...

Great post...great from your perspective as his only daughter. Don't we all love him?!

Summer said...

Happy Birthday, Pa!

Wendi said...

You really do have an awesome dad!! I loved him instantly when I met your family. He and your mom are awesome and Darin is lucky to have such a cool aunt and uncle. I was looking through our Utah pics and laughed at the ones of all the kids pulling him in the wagon....then he let Spencer pull him and Spencer loved it soo much....such a great grandpa to all kids!!

Sharon said...

Great tribute great picture and a wonderful person. Rick and Coleen are so enjoyable and easy to be with.

Coleen said...

I love him, too! Ü Thanks for paying tribute to him on his big 6-0!! We love you!

Em said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marni said...

I love your Dad too!! He has always been there for our family. Especially through some hard times. I miss seeing him. He is so caring to everyone. You are very lucky to have your dad. Tell him I love him.

Dane and Natalie said...

I'm glad to see the beard back. I think a billion years ago when I saw him last he had shaved it off! Happy Birthday!

The White's said...

Yes I think your PA is great too. Happy birthday and I hope he got the gift I sent him in the mail, It was reaaly big and very nice.;)