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100 Years of Disney

On Thursday, Grandma Coleen took us to Disney On Ice. It celebrated 100 Years of Disney. It was so fun as usual. Taylor and Olivia were in awe and loved the whole thing. I love to watch the joy on Taylor's face as she gets excited about shows.


Kate said...

How fun. I wanted to take the kids to it. Too crazy here though!!!

Kelli said...

We were there too on Saturday. It was so fun. Hannah's favorite part was Beauty and the Beast. We need to get the girls together again to play.

Em said...

Looks like you had fun!! :)

Dave & Michele said...

Hi Allison! (this is michele alvord) I found your blog on val's so I thought I'd say hi! your family is so cute! I have a ? for you- do you do your scrapbooking all digital? I am trying to start doing it, & I saw that you have some sites on your blog, but which one's are your favorites? If you get a sec, let me know! Thanks!
my email is malvord3@gmail.

Dane and Natalie said...

Looks like fun! I need to call you and catch up! I will look up your email and send you my phone number. I can't wait to talk to you!

Dane and Natalie said... I tried to email you but something must be wrong with my computer. It wouldn't go through. You will just have to email me your phone number so we can chat! My email is Talk to ya soon!