The Hall’s Haven



This week Grandma Coleen took Taylor, Olivia, Karalee, and me to Disney Princesses on Ice. We had so much fun. The best part of course was watching our girls reaction to everything. Their wide blue eyes and big smiles were priceless.

By the way... still no baby!


Karalee said...

Cute post! I love the picture! I need to get copies from you,esp the umberella one. The picture of the girls looks great, they are both smiling!! Let us know if anything happens with the baby! Thanks for the cute swimsuit for sis, she wanted to wear it again today, without clothes!! :)

Byron&Natalie said...

I love the sparkles way to cute. perfect for their cute little dresses I hope Taylor had a fun as Livy all she could talk about was the fire breathing dragon:) way cute.