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Happy HALLoween!

Halloween is always such a fun day! LOTS of preparation, and LOTS of work, but I absolutely love it! Here are our spooks today.

We went to the Halloween Parade at the Elementary, and then this afternoon we will go to see Grandpa Virg. Then trick or treating up in the Poplar area by Ed and Britney. After there is too much candy to carry, we will head to the party at Jerry and JoAnn’s. Can’t wait for the cinnamon rolls and breadsticks and chili!

Happy Halloween from these cute little spooks!

(CJ changed his mind this morning that he was going to be Superman, and not wear the Iron Man costume we got him… we will see what he decides tonight!)

Halloween (3 of 30)


Halloween (21 of 30)Halloween (19 of 30)

TWIN WITCH (with Rio)

Halloween (16 of 30)Halloween (14 of 30)

SUPERMAN (should be Iron Man)

Halloween (13 of 30)

PEACOCK- adorable, but not impressed… she got better as the day progressed

Halloween (11 of 30)Halloween (7 of 30)


Coleen said...

Such cute kiddos! Love you all!

Fox said...

I love Taylors costume it turned out so cute and creative. I also love those pictures of Hannah. O and your a good mom for letting CJ do what he wants.