The Hall’s Haven


Bear Lake

For Josie’s 3rd Birthday, Lindsey invited all of us up to Bear Lake for a party. It was AWESOME! We got there at 11:30, and stayed until 8:30. We all had a wonderful time… seriously, the pictures don’t even do it justice! It was a perfect day of sand, swimming, visiting, and playing. Everyone got along, and everyone was smiling. Hannah was overjoyed at being able to play in the water all by herself! She splashed and rolled all around. She loved the waves crashing into her, and playing in the sand. CJ played with TJ, and they are now best buddies. Kaitlyn loved playing in the sand, and “surfing” on the paddle boards. Taylor spent all of her time in the water. She went from Jake to Gracie, from paddle board to raft to kayak. She even got some snorkeling in and found some little shells. Thanks for a great day, and a super fun Birthday Party Josie! ♥