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4th of July

I love the 4th of July! It is a busy, fun, HOT day, and I love it! This year our 4th seemed to go a bit different, but I still enjoyed it all. On Friday night we went over to the park for dinner, which was hamburgers and hot dogs, and the car show. The kids loved looking at all of the cars and guessing which ones Grandpa Bruce would like the best. We even saw Grandpa’s Model A.

4th of July-54th of July-84th of July-7

The next morning we were of course woken up by the fire trucks driving around town. This was the first year that Taylor would ride her bike in the parade. We decorated it on Friday, so she was all ready. CJ insisted on driving the Jeep. His battery died, so he was pushing it down the road. Brother Skeen was kind enough to help CJ. (We did put 2 batteries in the back, just in case, but Brother Skeen never replaced the battery, he just pushed CJ the length of the parade.) Kaitlyn rode on the dance float again this year, then danced at the park later.

George and Sharleen Cook were the Grand Marshalls this year, and CJ was really excited when George waved at him. I sang the National Anthem at the first of the parade, when the scouts bring the flag.

It was strange not having all of the family there. My Mom and Dad came out, and Emilee and Maddie were sweet, and just came to the parade to hear me sing.4th of July-114th of July (132 of 187)4th of July-18

4th of July-124th of July-164th of July-15

After the parade we went over to the park. Casey was the Announcer of all the events at the park, so while we heard his voice over the microphone, we watched Kaitlyn dance, got snow cones, played on the bouncy toys, roped the calf, ate lunch, and tried not to melt!

4th of July (180 of 187)4th of July (183 of 187)

4th of July (186 of 187)4th of July (187 of 187)

4th of July-20

After the park, Casey and Ed took their kids swimming at Jerry and JoAnn’s. I stayed home with Hannah while she napped. Then off to the BBQ with Blake and Jessica and our friends. It was such a nice night. After dinner and visiting, we went to Ed and Britney’s for fireworks. We had our own little show, the neighbors had some great ones, and then from Ed’s deck we could see 5 big fireworks shows going on. We came home exhausted and HAPPY!!



sharon said...

Thanks for all the pictures and sharing your 4th of July with us in Africa. Love you all Granny Sharon