The Hall’s Haven


Just the Boys

This weekend, Ed, Blake, & Casey took their boys camping. Just the boys! They went to Grandma’s (Saunders) Grove, up Weber canyon, near the Weber River. The boys ran around, played in the dirt with dump trucks, rode their bikes, & played in the river. Everyone got along, everyone had fun. Casey said it was good that the Mom’s weren’t there to worry about what they were doing, or how dirty they were getting. They had hot dogs, & lots of marshmallows, then pancakes in the morning. Each family had their own trailer, so they had their own space. CJ told me that they “went to bed when the fire went out.” Which was around 10:30. The Dad’s stayed up well into the night after the boys were asleep. They are all such good friends. The trip was a tremendous success, & they even snapped a couple of photos!