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Whoooo’s Ready for Summer?!?

So, I don’t know why, but I was in love with the idea of having an out of school party this year. I invited all of the cousins, for a Whooo’s Ready for Summer Night Owl Party! It was a huge success!!

We roasted hot dogs and smores, played red rover, did some crafts and puppet shows, visited, played, and had a wonderful time.

I made each of the kids their own owl pillow, and they were so cute! We had glow sticks, and despite the chilly weather, the kids all played nicely together, while the adults could visit and laugh! We wrapped things up at 10:30.

Having family close is so much fun, and I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful summer!! ♥


Here are all of the pillows, and getting a group shot of everyone was impossible, but completely hilarious! 20120525-DSC_072420120525-DSC_073420120525-DSC_074520120525-DSC_074420120525-DSC_074320120525-DSC_074220120525-DSC_074120120525-DSC_074020120525-DSC_073920120525-DSC_073820120525-DSC_073720120525-DSC_073620120525-DSC_073520120525-DSC_071120120525-DSC_066120120525-DSC_070620120525-DSC_070420120525-DSC_070320120525-DSC_070120120525-DSC_070220120525-DSC_069120120525-DSC_068120120525-DSC_067420120525-DSC_067120120525-DSC_067020120525-DSC_065520120525-DSC_065420120525-DSC_065020120525-DSC_065320120525-DSC_064920120525-DSC_064720120525-DSC_0686


Emilee Keyes said...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I have the exact same pose in every picture. First it started with Lindsey's blog and now it has spread to this one.