The Hall’s Haven



We started our Easter celebration Friday night for dinner and an egg hunt at Grandma Coleen & Grandpa Rick’s house. This is usually one of the highlights of the holiday. She goes all out! The kids each have their own color of eggs to find, and this year they had 22!!


Then the Easter Bunny came on Saturday and the kids were super excited about all their treat! They also each got a new outfit.


Hannah was a little later to get up. Her favorite part was the Bottle Pop sucker. She sucked and sucked, then would giggle because it was so good!


This year I honestly felt like a terrible parent. We decided not to get our kids Easter Dresses/ Sunday Outfits. To my surprise there was only one or two families at church that had new outfits! The kids were fine without them!

Sunday afternoon Casey was feeling bad that we didn’t have anything going on, and that we weren’t with family, so him and Angela planned an impromtu BBQ. After church we went to the Ballard’s for a lovely time. Love just hanging out and being together. Our visit however was cut a bit short, because CJ was having some major breathing problems. We got home and got his medicine in him, and he was alright. Tis the season for allergies and asthma!