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Happy Birthday to THE MAN!

Our boy is 4 years old! He had a great birthday. I thought it would be ok to just have the combined party for all of the March birthdays, but learned that my kids are still too little for that. CJ wanted Grandma and Grandpa to come over, so we ended up having a little party with just us on Sunday night. We played TBall. He was soooo funny! He can hit, but doesn’t quite get where and when to run. It will be very interesting to see what happens when the TBall season starts in May.

CJ is predictable and consistent. he loves tractors and trucks more than anything still. He loves to be outside in the dirt and working with his Dad. He is all boy. He loves to “shake his booty” to music. He is quite a little gamer and like to play “the electronics.” We love our little man!


Here is a little video of part of our TBall game. It was chaos, and so much fun! Although I hope that he can learn to control his sports emotions!!


sharon said...

Nice Bike can I ride it when I get home? Grandpa

sharon said...

Nice Bike can I ride it when I get home? Grandpa

Fox said...

He is such a clown. Dean and I were laughing so hard at the Tee Ball movies. I sure love that little boy!