The Hall’s Haven


Week 3

I am trying to keep up, and am loving this project. I am trying to look into tweaking things on the blog so the pages can be a bit larger… stay tuned for that. :) I think I figured out why everything is really easy for me to read and doesn’t look too small… it is because my WONDERFUL husband gave me a HUGE computer monitor for Christmas! :)
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Emilee Keyes said...

I am loving your updates. You are very talented.

Fox said...

I love all the pictures. I love you running down the hall at school, that is way funny! So glad your real like the rest of us. I was starting to wonder with you being up and ready by 7. I love these updates, keep them up.

Tara said...

I love your project life! I'm assuming you are doing it digitally through photoshop elements? I'm doing the non digital book, but would like to do next years digitally once I buy photoshop. Would love to know which photoshop you have and what where you get all your cute embellishments if they're not part of Becky Higgins!

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