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Temple Square

I am actually REALLY embarrassed to admit this, but this was my kids very first trip to Temple Square. (Taylor is 8!!) This was their first time to see the Salt Lake Temple up close, the first time in the Visitor Centers, the first time to see the Christus, and they first time to see all of the lights there.

We went down on a Tuesday night, and met Josh and his family at the Family History Center where Mom and Dad are serving their mission. They showed the kids around the building and told them all about geneology and what they do there. After that we went across the street to Temple Square. The kids loved it! They saw the Nativity scene and heard the Prophet’s voice on the speakers as part of the dialogue there. They saw the Christus, we toured the visitor’s centers, and I think their favorite part was looking in the small model of the temple that is in the South Visitor’s center to see what it is like in there. We took photos on the steps of the temple and they looked at the door knobs. We went to the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to look down on the sites. We ate at the Nauvoo Café in the JSM. It helped me feel the Spirit of Christmas. I loved the look on my sweet kids faces as they enjoyed learning about the Savior and feeling the Spirit that is there.

Hannah was so good, Kaitlyn forgot her coat, CJ was cold, and Taylor wanted to stay much longer to really look at each little thing. I don’t think it will be a yearly tradition, but it was a fun experience for our family.

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