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Date Night #2

Tonight was our second date night with Casey’s brothers and sisters. It was wonderful! We all met at the Salt Lake Temple and did sealings. Everyone came, except missed JD and Catherine. And Dean was unable to come at the last minute, since his Grandma was in the hospital. It was so sweet to be together at the temple. I had never been in the Salt Lake Temple, except to see marriages, so I really enjoyed seeing the beauty of the temple. I was in awe at the beautiful details. I definitely would love to go back there again soon. We even snapped some photos, for proof that it really happened.

SLC Temple (1)SLC Temple (2)

After the temple, we got on the Trax train to go to the Gateway. We ate at Taiphoon. It was so incredible! LOVED the food! Expensive for chinese yes, but the meats were amazing, and the company was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoy visiting with everyone. Here is what we ordered:


I love these nights out together, and can’t wait to again next month!