The Hall’s Haven


So many of our best stories seem to happen during family night! :)
Taylor is constantly playing with her loose tooth. She likes you to know it is definitely loose, but does not want anyone to touch it. She is freaked out about someone pulling her teeth out. Tonight we were all gathered and getting ready for bed. Earlier in the evening CJ had been standing on the footstool of the brown lounge chair, and completely free falling backwards into the chair. He was laughing and having a great time. Then Taylor was sitting in the chair, and CJ decided to do it again. His head hit Taylor right in the face… knocking out her two front teeth. These teeth were loose anyway, but the look of terror on her face was awful. She pulled her two teeth out of her mouth, and blood was gushing out. She flipped out and was screaming hysterically. Then CJ was crying because he didn't want Taylor to cry. After lots of crying and screaming they all finally settled down for bed. Casey said he wishes all of her teeth would come out like this, so we wouldn't have to banter back and forth to talk her into pulling a loose tooth out. Now here she is, the morning after the incident. Still with a little bit of a fat lip, but a darling toothless grin!


Jake and Alayna said...

She does look so adorable toothless! Too bad she had to get a fat lip along with losing her teeth, poor girl!
I just read your "dear blog" post. I feel the same way. I'm grateful for the documentation of our daily lives that I would otherwise forget, but the time it takes to stay caught up can be so overwelming!

Westergard Family said...

Oh hysterical!! I wish mine had come out like that too... i couldn't do it and it took FOREVER!! good job taylor! :)

Jason and Susie said...

What a toothless cutie!!!! I know Bailey is going to be the same when it comes time for her teeth to fall out!