The Hall’s Haven


Hello to all of you in blogging land. Here I am... January 28th. Only about a month late on my goal for a new look for my blog. Might as well start today right? I am hoping to fill in the rest of January as I go, but as for right now, I am just happy to have a new look and a new post. So... welcome to the newly remodled Hall's Haven. This will be a work in progress, so keep checking back.

I think the reason my blog has been NEGLECTED BIG TIME is that I seem to be a graphic perfectionist. If it isn't scrapbooked, or fancied up, or doesn't have a picture, I don't feel like I can post it. Well, I am slowly coming to realize that my life is NOT PERFECT (shocker, I know) so documenting it shouldn't have to be either. I am really trying to simplify, and record things that really matter. Hope your don't get bored with just me rambling on with nothing pretty to look at sometimes. :)

In the scrapbook world there are so many people participating in Project 365, which is taking a photo everyday of the year. Well, given my current circumstances (pregnancy from he**) I am already behind if I want to do this... again my graphic perfectionism taking over. I have decided I will do this project, but if I miss a day... oh well. (See how laid back I am getting!)

Happy Friday to all! Here's hoping for a wonderful year, with a full and heartfelt blog to go with it. ♥


Wendi said...

Hey Alison-your scrapbooking is awesome, but there's no shame in putting up just plain pics and collages!! That's all I do!! I have always marvelled at all you manage to do. Just love seeing your cute family!