The Hall’s Haven


Busy Day

So today was a BUSY day. We had the Halloween Parade at school, and both girls had parties at school, so... up at 6:30. Get everyone ready, including myself. Go to the parade. (Pardon the bad quality photo of Taylor...apparently at this Halloween Parade you SPRINT through the gym. Really they were running.)

Next... home to clean up a little before Jessica and Brody come over. After some trial and error, Jessica and I made 30 caramel apples. There were Oreo, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, Chocolate Chip with Orange melts, M&M, and Caramel Apple Pie... mmmm.

 These are my FAVORITE!!

Meanwhile, while we spent a few hours making apples, I was making dinner to take to two families. Chili Verde. It was a CRAZY busy day, and by the end I definitely remembered I was pregnant and my body would not function anymore. But it was nice to be up and going again. With lots of yummy goodies to eat! :)


Janetta said...

Apples looked delicious. Way to go. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Pleaes send me your chili verde recipe. I am looking for a good one it is Dave's favorite.