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Thatcher Idaho

We had a great weekend camping up in Thatcher Idaho. We left on Thursday and drove to Dean and Lindsey's house. Casey worked on grading and forming up a new patio and a dog run for them. That night we slept in Grandma Sharon's trailer up on the mountain by the fish pond. (OF course I forgot my camera at Lindsey's this night.) We built a fire and roasted hot dogs, then we had GIANT marshmallows to roast. The kids had a great time! Kaitlyn mashed her gooey marshmallow ALL OVER HER HANDS.

It was such a huge mess! CJ took a bite out of an uncooked marshmallow and thought he was so funny when he stuck it to the side of his face and said HO HO HO.
Then that night CJ fell off his bed THREE times! It was crazy. I guess he is not ready for a big boy bed yet, since he is too crazy of a sleeper.

On Friday Casey poured concrete most of the day. It was so hot!! Then we went fishing at the pond. I honestly don't know when I became such a worrisome mother, but the whole time I was paranoid that one of them would fall in. Kaitlyn caught 5 or 6 fish.

That night we went grave searching for Mom and Dad. (They are WAY into geneology and have beentaking photos of headstones everywhere they go. Who knew we had relatives buried in Grace and Thatcher Idaho.) Then we ate at Bergie's (Kaitlyn kept calling it Boogie's.)

Today we came home around noon. Now I am trying to get all of the wash done and my house ready and me ready for girls camp on Monday!


The White's said...

Im so glad you have fun. and WOW that was a lot of fish to catch, way to go.
I hope you have fun this week too!! See you next week!!

Kari said...

K that lemonade stand is the cutest thing ever! And made by her dad! Even cooler! How cute she is, all specific on what a lemonade stand should look like!
I would just die if my computer crashed! My blog is

Kelli said...

Wow, another post already. Love the pictures, looks like a fun weekend. Hope you survive girls camp this week!!