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The Lemonade Stand

Here it is... the infamous lemonade stand, and here is the story. One day Taylor decided that she NEEDED a lemonade stand. She immediately asked me to look on the internet for some ideas. She found the one she wanted and then proceeded to beg and plead with her dad to make it for her. In my mind a lemonade stand is a table with a sign... in Taylor's mind it its painted, with wheels, and awning, and a chalkboard on the front.
Her first sale was at the 4th of July party at Grandma Sharon's house. She set the stand up with lemonade and candy. She was not SELLING it, but donations were accepted. It was a hit! She and her cousins had so much fun "selling" to all of the family. And it was a success. Donations were over $20! (Thanks to ALL of you who helped out in that.)
She has gotten the stand out one other time this week. She was in front of Grandma Sharon's house in the shade, but only brought in a few dollars (Thank you Grandpa Bruce and to the Maw Family! :)) I am not sure that having a lemonade stand will be the experience she wants it to be, but at least she has the CUTEST lemonade stand on the block!


GRITS said...

That is hands down the CUTEST lemonade stand I have ever seen. I better not let Meg see this!

Janetta said...

What a lucky little girl. She better give her dad an extra hug and kiss. Janetta

valerie said...

What a cute lemonade stand!! She must have her daddy wrapped around her little finger! =)

Jason and Susie said...

What a cutie! She has a great daddy for making that! Casey went all out! I love it!! :)

Summer said...

How cute is SHE?!! I love the lemonade stand!