The Hall’s Haven


Not a great day. On Sunday, CJ was walking around out at the barn, and started to get allergies pretty bad. He was sneezing and runny nose, and trying to claw his own eyes out because they itched. I gave him some Benadryl and hoped for the best. Then Monday the same thing happened. He coughed all that  night, and when he woke up had very shallow breathing, wheezing, and was a little blue around the lips. We went up to the Dr. right away. When we got there his sats were 92. The Dr. said that at 92 they admit kids. AHH!! So we did a breathing treatment at the Dr. Sats went up to 93, not good enough… after another treatment he was at 94-95. She said that was ok, but not great. He was still having labored breathing, so she said we could choose to admit him, or she would give me some prescriptions and I could watch him closely at home. I chose to take him home and watched him very close. He got a little better through the day. So, now he is on daily meds for asthma. Casey thinks I am freaking out, but it is so hard to watch my sweet boy suffer. It makes me so nervous. I really do have a fear of losing one of my children.


Clayton Natalie Kynlee Green said...

Alyson! Poor CJ I hope he is doing better! Sounds like you guys have had a rough little while. dang it!

On a happy note I wanna see pics of INSIDE your house like your pot filler, master bath tub... stuff like that! I need to just stop by next time I'm out that way!

The White's said...

Ya, take him to the Dr if he can't breath. I think that is NOT freaking out. Good job and I hope he gets better.

Wendi said...

Landon has asthma too. He is on a daily singulair pill and is doing well. We're hoping he grows out of it! I agree with the White's. If his breathing is labored, take him it.

Oh, I got good advice from my pediatrician. She told me the nebulizer is like our cough medicine-if he has a cough, give him a neb treatment. They also showed me the signs to look for, so that is great. It is scary when your kid can't breathe!!