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Tibial Torsion

Well, it finally came time to take CJ to the Physical Therapist for his legs. He has been pretty pigeon-toed and bow-legged since he was born. At the eval, they decided that braces would not work for him, but that both his hips rotated out, and his feet in. The left leg is the worst. If his knee is placed facing forward, his lower leg and foot kind of make an L shape. The therapist also said that CJ has tibial torsion, which means his actual tibia bone is curved. The treatment for right now is straps on his legs to help train his muscles to turn the correct way, and to strengthen his muscles in the right place. For 6 months we will use the straps and then see how it looks. The therapist said this may not work since his actual bone is part of the problem, so if it doesn't work, then CJ will need to see an orthopedic doctor. I thought it was interesting that tibial torsion is from the way the baby sits in the womb. Now we just strap him up everyday, but I think that 6 months is going to be a LONG time!


Stephanie said...

Your house looks great... I am so excited for you guys! This post really interests me. Our baby 7 mos. is soooo pigeon toed and bull legged. Our doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned but I am. I guess it does no good to worry at this age but I may have to check in with you in a few months and see how things are going with the straps. BTW- Joe had two brothers that had to wear braces and they are totally fine now. Those darn Hurd genes :)

The Ormsby's said...

Awesome house!! Lovin' the roof. And as for CJ - poor little guy. My boys had to wear helmets for 4 months for flat heads. Not so fun. But totally worth it in the end!

The White's said...

O Im so sorry for him, I was glad to see a big smile on his face, that made me feel better that he was so happy!

Vicki Lynne said...

Todd was the same and we used the elastic straps for a long time...He was good about it though. He was our biggest baby and I guess I just didn't have room for him. Good luck! Aimee had casts and all the others were fine.
We must run up to see you and the building soon.