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The Polls are OPEN!!

Hey everyone! I am participating in a scrapbook contest with a team of 4 other ladies. Anyone can vote. Please go check it out and vote for me and my Rockin' team. We are THE COWBELL CREW. To vote, choose the Designer Category and scroll down to our name. Also, some of the Sweet Shoppe Sugarbabes are competing in the Store Category, so vote for them there. Only one vote is allowed per person per Category! Thanks for you support... now go VOTE!! :)

DigiScrapAddicts Battle of the CT's Contest


Em said...

I voted for ya!! I have a question. How did you get this cool, cute font on your blog? It's way cute!

Wendi said...

I want to know about the font, too!! Get ready for a ton of questions at the reunion...I think I could get into this whole digiscrap thing:):)

Chelsie said...

i love love the mud pictures, that is hilarious and too cute!!!

Westergard Family said...

I'll vote! :) hey Allison,
I had a question for you about the blogs that you can print into scrapbooks. Do you have some links that I could look at? I searched today and mostly found digital scrapbooks that you don't print out but are just available on=
line. If you know of any I would love to hear about them.Thanks so much!!