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100th post

WOW! This is my 100th post to the blog. I have thouroughly enjoyed being able to share our family with you and your families. I do love blogging...even though lately it may not look like it. :)

It has been busy, but hopefully life will get back to normal soon. I have been working on projects. The first one is called Project 365. For this I am taking a photo a day for the whole year! I am going to make a book at the end of the year. Here is my first week:

I am excited and plan to stick with it. I am also preparing to teach a Digital Scrapbook Class this Thursday. It started as an Enrichment for the ward, and I think it has become a whole community! :) There are people coming from many cities, and I think the more the merrier. If you are interested, here is the info:

Love to all... more updates to come!


The White's said...

Wow project 365 will be really cool. that is a great idea. Also good luck at your class on thursday, you will do great.

Taryn said...

Hey Alyson I'm doing project 365 as well. I ordered the kit by Becky Higgins. But it looks like yours is digital. Did you come up with it yourself? It looks so cute. Maybe seeing yours will keep me motivated to do it. I'm really excited for it.

Erin said...

Your project is awesome. It will be so fun to look at. We went private, my email is

Wendi said...

That is funny that you are teaching Taylor's class. I taught Jordan's class last year. This year Spencer is in Sunbeams on the front row, I am in CTR 5 on the second row, then Jordan is in CTR 6 on the next row. A family affair:)

Em said...

that sounds like a really cool project!! Good luck with it!