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Family Night FUN!!

We planned for this night, hoping it would run smoothly. It turned out better than anticipated! The girls had such a fun time!! Kaitlyn probably ate as much frosting and candy as she put on her house, and Taylor said, "The holidays are finally fun!" Apparently I am NOT good at holidays. I do have a good excuse tho, right? :)


Family said...

I am so glad you finally are FUN! Isn't interesting that the daily entertaining is never enough. Unfortunately our family night was spent working on the genetic selective breeding of bees. How exactly do you find a spiritual concept there? I did learn that they are able to control a virus that would normally eliminate an entire hive.
I loved the pictures. You are a good mom. Children really do have a selective memory. I am sure that when Madeline is older she will claim that we never had family night. We do, its just not held consistently every Monday. Sometimes it is a learning experience, or a family outing, or the Jerusalem dinner. Once they become teenagers you have to find time to "teach gospel principles" a little differently. Hang in there, it will be a while until they see the big picture.

Coleen said...

Such CUTE little girls! The houses turned out cute, too!

And I'm proud that you are such a good mom! It takes a while for your kids to appreciate all you do for them! Ü

Wendi said...

I am super impressed....I haven't quite got the knack for gingerbread houses yet...not brave enough to try again this year after last year's fiasco...but yours are awesome!!!

Jay said...

I love gingerbread houses mostly the eating of them, but building them is fun too. I always want to do them but we never do so this year I bought the kit at Sam's club. We had lots of fun w/it.