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To Make a Long Story Short...

WOW! Sorry for being a bad blogger. There has been so much going on the past couple of weeks that I have neglected to keep you all updated. Here is a review of our past 2 weeks:
This week the kids and I have had a bit of the stomach flu. So that has NOT been any fun! But we are doing better and everyone is happier.
Amidst all of this, our CJ is growing SO fast and is developing quite a personality. He is so happy and loves to talk and giggle. He is loves his tongue and has also discovered his feet. He is so pleasant, and I can't resist his sweet smiles! He is now 4 months old!

I was so excited when Grandma was able to be here. I have been trying to figure out ever since CJ was born how to get up to Grandma's house. I have just had this feeling that I really needed Grandma Ruby to see CJ. But traveling with 3 kids and high airfares have kept me from getting there. Luckily she was able to come to us! I think it was fun, exhausting, and WAY TOO HOT for Grandma, but I am so glad she was here. WE LOVE YOU!

We had a mini family reunion as well. My cousins Darin & Wendi came with their 3 kids, and my Aunt Darla & Uncle Jim flew down as well to stay with my cousin Darcie & her family in Syracuse. Grandma Ruby was able to travel with Jim & Darla, so we were so excited that she was here. Then Aunt Betty decided she wanted to be here for the party too. We played at the park, had a pony party, & some of us even went to the Osmond Concert at the Conference Center. It was so fun visiting with everyone and being together, I really think the everyone had a great time.

For 2 weeks the girls were in swimming lessons. They had so much fun! Kaitlyn & I were in a Mommy & Me class while Taylor was in her own class. She was the only student signed up in her category so it was like she got her own private lessons. She is learning alot, and loves to swim. Kaitlyn is no fear and by the end thought she didn't need MY help anymore.


Chelsie said...

Little CJ is getting so big! he is so cute! I am so sorry you guys haven't been feeling well!!

Em said...

CJ is so cute!! I'm sorry about being sick. That is not fun at all!! Your family is so cute!

Kate said...

You haven't mentioned you guys have been sick. That is not fun at all. It sounds like you've been busy!

Emilee said...

Oh I have been waiting for an update. I love watching my nieces and nephew grow up. Thank you!
Love Emilee

Summer said...

Oh, I'm sorry you guys have been so sick! Stomach flu is the WORST! Hope you're all feeling better!

CJ is growing and is such a cutie! All three of your kiddos are gorgeous! Just like their mommy!